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Ontario Human Rights Commission reduces its caseload

June 23, 2000

Today, the Ontario Human Rights Commission released its Case Management Report. Key accomplishments include a reduction in the time required to resolve human rights complaints as well as a reduction in the number of cases. The average age of cases now stands at 13 months, down from about 20 months a couple of years ago. The median age of cases has dropped to 9 months.

Refusal to print stationery containing the words "gay and lesbian" ruled discriminatory

March 20, 2000

Toronto - On February 24, a Board of Inquiry ordered Imaging Excellence, a printing company, and its owner, Scott Brockie, to provide printing services to gays and lesbians and their organizations and awarded damages of $5000 in total payable to Ray Brillinger and the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, a customer of Imaging Excellence. In its earlier decision released on September 29th, 1999, the Board determined that Imaging Excellence and Mr. Brockie discriminated against Mr. Brillinger when it refused to provide printing services to the Archives.