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  1. II. Introducing the Ontario Human Rights Code

    From: Human Rights at Work 2008 - Third Edition

    1. The context for interpreting the Code

    a) Background and history

    In 1962, many laws dealing with discrimination were brought together, along with additional protections, to create the Code. The Code has been amended at various times since then. The most recent amendments were passed in December 2006. The Ontario Code only provides protection against discrimination in Ontario. There are other pieces of human rights legislation in each of the other provinces and territories and federally.

  2. 2. The Code prevails over other laws

    From: Human Rights at Work 2008 - Third Edition

    a) Other laws may apply along with the Code

    In employment, several laws may apply at the same time as the Code, with overlapping or parallel responsibilities. Knowing which laws apply and why they apply will help you know how best to handle situations that may arise in your workplace. Appendix B summarizes the most common areas of overlap between human rights legislation and other laws.

  3. Consultation report: Strengthening Ontario's Human Rights System - What We Heard

    October 2005 - There are many who believe that Ontario’s human rights system must be strengthened in order to achieve the vision set out in the Code of a society in which the dignity of all is recognized, and all can be full members of the community. The Ontario Human Rights Commission (“OHRC”) believes that, while much has been achieved, there is much more that can be done.