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  1. 9. Services, goods and facilities

    From: Policy on preventing discrimination because of pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Section 1 of the Code prohibits discrimination in “services, goods and facilities” based on pregnancy and breastfeeding. This includes educational institutions, hospitals and health services, insurance providers, public places like malls and parks, public transit, and stores and restaurants. This means that women who are pregnant, or who bring their babies to a restaurant or a theatre, cannot be denied service or access unless there is a bona fide reason for doing so.

  2. Faith in the public school system: Principles for reconciliation

    From: Creed, freedom of religion and human rights - Special issue of Diversity Magazine - Volume 9:3 Summer 2012

    Freedom of religion includes both the right to manifest beliefs and practices and the right to be free from state coercion or constraint in matters of religion. This paper looks at the scope and interaction of these two aspects of freedom of religion in the context of religious accommodation issues in public schools.