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OHRC submission re: MCSS proposed regulation amending Ontario Regulation 191/11 (IASR) under the AODA, 2005

October 1, 2012 - Ontario Human Rights Commission Submission Regarding Ministry of Community and Social Services Proposed regulation amending Ontario Regulation 191/11 (Integrated Accessibility Standards) under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. The OHRC welcomes the introduction of new accessibility standards for outdoor space including the requirement for organizations to consult with persons with disabilities. The OHRC, however, has a number of concerns and recommendations...

Framework for action

From: Right at home: Report on the consultation on human rights and rental housing in Ontario

Protecting the human rights of vulnerable Ontarians requires a radically different response to the issues of discrimination identified in this report, and the reports of numerous international bodies. We must all bring housing human rights into our homes, apartment buildings, property management offices, government offices, tribunals and commissions, and most importantly, into our collective awareness. This framework suggests concrete action to address the human rights issues identified in the consultation and in numerous reports on housing.

Appendix A

From: Fishing without fear: Report on the inquiry into assaults on Asian Canadian anglers

The Hate Crimes Community Working Group Report and Initiatives in Schools

The Hate Crimes Community Working Group Report

The Hate Crimes Community Working Group defines hate activity as:

Hate incidents: expressions of bias, prejudice and bigotry that are carried out by individuals, groups, organizations and states, directed against stigmatized and marginalized groups in communities, and intended to affirm and secure existing structures of domination and subordination.

Appendix A: Summary of recommendations for government & community action

From: Time for action: Advancing human rights for older Ontarians

  1. THAT the five principles contained in the National Framework on Aging be integrated in policies and programs of public and private sector organizations.
  2. THAT all levels of government evaluate laws, policies and programs to ensure that they do not contain age-based assumptions and stereotypes and that they reflect the needs of older persons.

Conclusions and recommendations: Moving towards accessible tranist services

From: Consultation report: Human rights and public transit services in Ontario

As indicated throughout this Report, improving the accessibility of transit services is a complex endeavour, requiring the combined efforts of a number of parties. Set out below are the recommendations of the OHRC for moving towards more accessible transit services.

Right at home: Summary report on the consultation on human rights and rental housing in Ontario

2008 - This summary report is a short version of a longer, more comprehensive report. Both of these reports have been prepared based on a province-wide consultation on rental housing and human rights by the Ontario Human Rights Commission (the Commission). A key goal of these reports is to help people and organizations across Ontario better understand human rights in rental housing.
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