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Looking at the path – reviewing the AODA review

From: Annual Report 2010-2011: Looking back, moving forward

As the government moves forward with implementing the AODA, we continue to advocate for the Act and accompanying standards to meet the vision and the requirements of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

This included commenting on Charles Beer’s 2010 report, Creating a Path Forward – Report of the Independent Review of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) 2005.

Recreational fishing in Ontario

From: Preliminary findings: Inquiry into assaults on Asian Canadian Anglers

Recreational fishing can be a treasured family or community activity, as well as a  way of enjoying the great outdoors. Tourism associated with fishing is also of  significant economic benefit to many Ontario communities. Recreational fishing  is, of course, but one of many water sports enjoyed by Ontarians. Locals,  seasonal residents, and daytrippers all share the use of the lakes, rivers and other waterways of southern and central Ontario.

Section 1: Background

From: Balancing conflicting rights: Towards an analytical framework

Much of the passionate and often heated debate over the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in Canada is emblematic of the difficulties that accompany the balancing of conflicting rights. Bill C-38 raised concerns about how to best ensure a balance between freedom of religion and sexuality equality rights. Opponents of same-sex marriage worried that freedom of religion would be trumped by sexuality equality rights, and they argued for stronger legislative guarantees that would protect the beliefs and practices of religious officials and institutions.


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