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policy and procedure development

Appendix – Workplace policies, practices and decision-making processes and systemic discrimination

From: Policy and guidelines on racism and racial discrimination

There are many tools available to assist employers in engaging in employment systems reviews to identify systemic barriers to racialized persons as well as others identified by Code grounds such as women and employees with disabilities.

Part 3 – guidelines for implementation: monitoring and combating racism and racial discrimination

From: Policy and guidelines on racism and racial discrimination

6. Collection and analysis of numerical data

It is a common misperception that the Code prohibits the collection and analysis of data identifying people based on race and other Code grounds. Many individuals, organizations and institutions mistakenly believe that collecting this data is automatically antithetical to human rights.

VIII. Roles and responsibilities

From: The cost of caring: Report on the consultation on discrimination on the basis of family status

The ground of family status raises wide-ranging and complex issues. It is clear from this consultation that individuals with caregiving responsibilities face a range of systemic barriers to full participation in employment, housing and services. The Commission heard that families cannot, on their own, resolve all of these barriers. Addressing them will require a coordinated approach from government, employers, housing providers, service providers, and the Commission itself.

Appendix A: Summary of actions required

From: The opportunity to succeed: Achieving barrier-free education for students with disabilities

School Boards and Schools

  1. Make all classroom materials (handouts, etc.) available in alternative formats in a timely manner.
  2.  Review local level practices to determine ways in which accommodation can be provided in a more timely manner.
  3. Decide their curriculum book lists in a timely fashion so that alternative formats may be arranged for students with disabilities.
  4. Provide interim accommodation for students pending the completion of professional assessments.


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